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Widow, Spy, & Lover

You can read the first few chapters in .PDF format:  Widow Spy & Lover Sneak Peak.pdf
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The year is 1864.  The place – the Deep South.  There’s typhoid in the town, soldiers at the door, and a dead husband in the springhouse.  When gun smugglers come calling, Morgan Edgeworth has only one thing to barter – a deadly knowledge of bomb-making no woman should have.

To escape a violent past and protect his brother, Liam Griffin crosses an ocean to America -- only to step off the boat into the middle of a deadly war.  The Irishman is forced to join the North - as scout, tactician, and the gun guarding his brother’s back.

When Griffin steps into the Bleu Pig Tavern, he’s looking for information.  What he finds is a woman – An elegant southern lady serving whiskey to thieves and deserters.  She’s beautiful, well-spoken, and entirely out-of-place in a rowdy tavern.  As she circles the room, pausing only for hurried conversations with men in Confederate uniforms, Griffin is forced to look beyond his interest in Morgan as a woman.  Could she know something about the black powder making its way up the Mississippi?

When Griffin rescues Morgan from a dangerous situation, he offers his protection in exchange for information.  Can she survive on her own, or should she trust the charming Irishman to keep his word?

Widow, Spy, & Lover is an action-packed romance that begins during the Civil War in Union-occupied Louisiana, and ends on the Texas frontier.

It’s about fresh starts.  Love and Redemption.  And the meaning of family.  There’s adventure, humor, romance, and passion.

Untamed Journey

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If you'd like to discover for yourself how 'steamy' my book is, please click here for one of my favorite chapters in PDF format:  Untamed_Journey_Chapter_40.pdf
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Here's a second excerpt of 'banter' between our hero and heroine:  Untamed_Journey_Did_you_have_any_questions.pdf
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Orphaned by the Civil War and sold to the highest bidder by her last living relative, Ruth Jameson boards a train to untamed Colorado Territory to meet her new 'husband' - a man twice her age, pursuing money and power from the wrong side of the law.  When the man sent to protect Ruth on her journey West turns out to be her biggest threat, Ruth decides to change her fate and sets off into a wild, unknown land to carve a place for herself.

Hired by the Union Pacific to protect their passengers from a rash of armed robberies, Marshal Beauregard Jackson dreams of hanging up his star and devoting himself to ranching and re-building the life and family he lost.

When fate crosses their paths, Jackson's dream takes physical form in Ruth, the bravest woman he has ever met.  At first, he just wants to protect her.  But that desire quickly turns to one more powerful, passionate, and personal.  He will go to any lengths to make her his wife and embark on their own untamed journey of love, loyalty, and longing fulfilled.

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